Why Support The Denver Cruiser Ride?

For years, the Denver Cruiser Ride has been a source of joy, exercise, and exploration for tens of thousands of people. Though it started with a small group of friends this delightful enigma has grown into a globally recognized event with participants from all over the world.

From the very beginning, organizers of the ride have done everything in their power to keep this from becoming a ticketed event. As a result, the DCR collects most of its revenue for expenses through the support of sponsors and community partners. Through this setup, the DCR is able to provide an outlet for free expression and fun to its riders, while introducing them to organizations, brands, and services that not only identify with riders’ interests but support them as well. This is not a come one come all invitation for sponsors, but rather a cultivation of like-minded organizations.

This kind of strategy creates a positive feedback loop that helps grow and protect the community through increased cycling advocacy, mixing of the social strata, and stimulation of the economy. Don’t just take our word for it though; here is what Jerry Tinianow, Denver’s Chief Sustainability Officer, had to say,

“At the Cruiser Ride everyone is equal, and everyone has a great time. The DCR has expanded the cycling crowd way beyond the usual suspects. The City Of Denver talks a lot about engaging people, and you’ve managed to do it in a creative, enjoyable way.

With Something like this that is pouring money into the establishments they visit – that gives those establishments a stake in promoting cycling – so you’ve broadened the audience beyond the participants to include the vendors.”

If you, your business, or your organization would like to support the Denver Cruiser Ride, please reach out to Nick Armogida at Nick@denverbikenight.com for more information.

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