What a summer it's been! Sadly the COVID numbers are NOT looking good in Colorado, and we've made the uncomfortable decision that hosting any futher group rides is neither prudent, nor in good judgement. It's a total bummer, but we sure are glad that we've been able to have so many fun rides with you this summer! Stay tuned – Hopefully the scourage of the Delta Variant will subside before the weather gets too cold, and we'll be able to make up these last two rides before the snowflakes fly!
Be safe bicycle friends! We LOVE you!

There are so many awesome groups riding bikes these days. As part of the evolution of what we do, our own Bike City Magazine has taken stock of group rides both in Denver and beyond. Check them out by clicking on the Pick Your Poison link below:
If you've choosen the "no ship" option, find us at the
ride and we'll have your plate!
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